Now We #Genchat with TweetDeck

I participated in genchat for years using TweetChat, but in 2018 I started to co-host, and the little chat browser could not keep up. 

Nurph disappeared. was not always working, and Hootsuite lagged, so I tried Tweetdeck.

My laptop, cellphone and two screens are still useful. Screen One shows my main Twitter feed. I use it to find first-timers and hyper patrons not using the #genchat hashtag!

Screen Two has 4 columns of TweetDeck. Our guest is first. Our genchat account follows next. Our #genchat hashtag is third. And, last is me @leprchaunrabbit

My laptop is used for research. Preparing URLs to share, looking up old topic references or setting up DeepL translator.

TweetDeck is different from TweetChat. New tweets arrive at the top of each column., and you cannot colour host tweets anymore.

It seldom lags or drops, but if tweets are over 140 characters and the hashtag is NOT at the beginning of the tweet, it will be dropped.

Not certain what else to tell you, except see you at #genchat!

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