Hello, Sweet, January. Just Passin’ Through, Again?

Every New Year, it is the same thing: what can I do to expand/add to my genealogy research, or my blog? And every New Year, I focus on Change


So, this year, I have taken a cousin’s tune-up garage idea, in hopes that the concept is not too difficult to apply to a website/ blog.

The images above were interesting. I managed to bring the improvements down from 11 to 8, but don’t ask me what I’m doing … I have no idea!

I thought the SEOptimer was a neat little tool to have, so I applied for their product. Unable to login at the moment though. (10.12am 29JAN) 

So, I will continue to plug away with JETPACK, GRAMMARLY and WPMU DEV … who knows, maybe I will get the hang of this! (Not)

It is a complex setup, if you do not know what you are doing … like me. It has been a Merry Melodies learning experience: “What does this button do?”

[klaxxon blares][screen blacks out]




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