A2Z [2022] Reflection

2022 reflection

“Do The Challenge, Again!” they said, “But use a Genealogy theme, this time!”

Note to Self: Do NOT listen to them, again!

Truth be told, it was not very difficult to piece together MOST OF the alphabet, I just did not want to do it dictionary-style, as it has been too overdone. 

I thought oral stories would be an interesting twist on the families within the family trees – but then I discovered ten days into the Challenge – I do not have enough oral stories to finish the alphabet!

Currently, I have a total of ten (at last count) ATKINSON trees that do not appear to be related to each other. I also have many DNA matches, but no replies to my inquires.

I honestly thought that I had enough material to work with.

Some letters were easier than others; ‘E’ being the most difficult. ‘V, Y and Z’ were close for second most difficult.

I am very disappointed that my involvement in this year’s Challenge was so sporadic. Twelve hour workdays took its toll very quickly.

Would I do the challenge, again? Yes, I have some ideas, and am plotting out the letters now.


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  1. It is definitely a challenge to post 26 times in the month on the family history. After 9 years I found I only coped by writing some posts in advance and having a plan for all 26 days even if I changed my mind later about what I would write. The trouble with writing post in advance is I am usually so pleased when I finished I want to publish and share straight away not save them up so I cannot write too far in advance.
    Congratualtions for completing the challenge and documenting more of your family history and solving some of those puzzles.

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