About: Rock of Ages

Graveyards. Churchyards. Pioneer cemeteries.  I have traipsed through so many, from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.  Big and small.  From the manicured and maintained to the overrun and the forgotten.

Every cemetery has character, and are filled with characters, whether they are lawmakers or lawbreakers, heroes or homeless. Each cemetery in its own, can reveal the unique history of a community (or communities) populated near it, if you are brave enough to take the time to walk through its gates.  

Every marker holds a story to the person, or persons, laid buried beneath it, whether it is conveyed with endearing words or poignant images.  Some shout out bravery and sacrifice, while others hold secrets that only a plot number *might* reveal. 

Then there are the untold mysteries — the pock-marked rocks, from the earliest burials running parallel along the wrought iron fence, or the sunken mounds that lay unidentified behind the original caretaker’s shed, or the beautifully carved wooden cross standing alone in the far back corner with only “Father” to identify it.

And like most youngsters, my earliest experiences of cemeteries were during funerals of elderly family members that I had only met once or had never met at all! 

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