Rock of Ages: Grave Concerns

graveyards, gravestones, photography and family

Sunday’s Obituary – Author of Two Church Books Dies in Nauvoo

Taken from THE SAINTS’ HERALD, 1961FB20 Mabel A. [SANFORD] ATKINSON, author of Joseph’s Beautiful City (1939) and The Land Shadowing with Wings (1952), died Sunday, January 22, at the age … Continue reading

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The Olde Guard

First, A Little History In 1973, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) celebrated its 100 anniversary, but did you know, prior to 1920 and 1904 Canada’s “Mounties” went  by two … Continue reading

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Little Lambs of Innisfail

A pair of trees form the upper arms of a heraldry pall, or a “Y,” but where the two arms would intersect are two little lambs

March 2, 2016 · 4 Comments

Good Intentions Lost A Life (Again)

Before First Winter hit (OCT2015), I ran some errands and stopped in Fort Saskatchewan (Alberta). The cemetery there is a modestly small one; I can safely call it that as … Continue reading

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Child Graves: Always Emotional

One thing that has not changed about child graves: they always have been (and continue to be) emotionally draining for the family, friends and even the strangers that pass by many years later

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Finally: the Grave of a DAR Patriot

Through the power of the Internet, a photo came to light Daniel’s gravestone.

And, of course, Time has not been kind:

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Black Slate Gravestones

Mister Manton’s photograph above is a beautiful capture of the aging quality of black slate gravestones. This picture is of the Lister Lane Cemetery located in Halifax, West Yorkshire in … Continue reading

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Rock of Ages 6: Military Uses

Originally posted on Rock of Ages: Grave Concerns:
Military service personnel, having lost their lives in action, are honoured with government-issued stones made from marble or Barre Grey granite [41];…

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Rock of Ages 5: Granite & Exotic Styles

Originally posted on Rock of Ages: Grave Concerns:
Currently the most popular, granite came into widespread use by 1900 [34], although there are some reported uses as early as 1870.…

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Rock of Ages 4: Limestone & Marble

Originally posted on Rock of Ages: Grave Concerns:
Limestone, which was fairly easy to carve and extremely popular during the 1700s, was also referred to as “Tennessee Marble.”28 At the…

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