BOOK REVIEW: Planning A Future

Planning a Future for Your Family's Past

If you are planning on spending your present (and perhaps some of your future) working in the past with the many aspects of genealogy and family history, you need this book, Dearie!

It was a very pleasant read, with only one segment that had me pondering: can Marian Burk Wood’s PASS Process be applied to over forty years (40) of research, as well as the growing collections and inheritances from my three previous generations and many cousins?

Yes, it can!* 

So, many years from now, when you have accumulated vast amounts of documentation, photographs, and notes that you do not remember writing, this book will explain, step by step, how to rein in The Heap — and the oftentimes — emotional and overwhelming sense of “Where do I start?” into an achievable act.

Clear a spot on your shelves, Dearies! This is a textbook that belongs in everybunny’s library!


* I am far from done, but eight bankers boxes of photographs, yearbooks, obituaries, and letters, etc have been reorganized, condensed and labelled into three. (And, I can set up another cabinet before MiLady discovers the empty space!).

Those 3 boxes are now only 2 (as of 14OCT2019.).

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