NaPoWriMo Index 2017

NaPoWriMo is National Poetry Writing Month. It occurs every year. I missed 2017, because work was so busy.

I do not consider myself a writer, I have always been a poet, so … it is a year late, but perhaps it will be at least entertaining.

The basic activity is to write a verse every day in April. The type of verse as well as the subject/topic is revealed by the activity group, NaPoWriMo, on their website.

I will list the dates, [type of verse], SUBJECT (if applicable) and the title below. As I complete each said verse, I will provide the link here as well as with each posted through Twitter.

I have made a calendar listing the topics/ styles:
10 pieces in progress
2 given up on; prompt too vague
The remainder are blank ATM


APRo1: [style: like Kay Ryan] | *
APRo2: (topic) recipe | x
APRo3: (topic) elegy (lament) | An Angel Weeps
APRo4: (topic) enigma | x
APRo5: topic) natural world | x
APRo6: (topic) same thing from different view points | x
APRo7: (topic) luck and fortuitousness | x
APRo8: [style: repetition] | x
APRo9: [style: 9 lines] | x
APR10: (topic) portrait | x
APR11: [style: bop – sonnet + song] | x
APR12: [style: alliteration] | x
APR13: [style: ghazal] | x
APR14: [style: clerihew] 4line bio-satire of famous person | x
APR15: (topic) in the middle of something | x
APR16: (topic) letter-writing | x
APR17: [style: nocturne] poetic form | x
APR18: (topic) neologisms; made-up words | Geneabunnies
APR19: (topic) a creation myth | x
APR20: (topic) specific sport vocabulary | x
APR21: (topic) overheard speech | x
APR22: [style: georgic] (topic) Earth Day | x
APR23: [style: double elevenie] | x
APR24: (topic) marginalia (art) of medieval manuscripts | x
APR25: (topic) small, defined space | x
APR26: (topic) future view of the past | x
APR27: (topic) sense of taste | x
APR28: [style: Skeltonic verse] | x
APR29: [“concrete noun associations” from favourite poem] | *
APR30: (topic) Again and Again | When Silence Speaks

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