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The move happened in August. Finished most of it in September. Still doing research out of boxes though. Hoping to be at #genchat soon, just need to find my cables!

JULY 2019

Still blogging, just not finishing. One day, I will finish some and post too many.

June 2019

Rabbit in his Stay Zero medic T-shirt
Rabbit in his Stay Zero medic T-shirt

First day in a while; back blogging. I have a couple of drafts on my cellphone because I could not get into my website. This time I remembered to create a new password in a note on my phone. It has helped, today. I will just have to wait for tomorrow and the days that follow.

And those blacked-out images are *still* blacked out – and/or broken?

May 2019

Oopsie, some featured images have blacked out! Working on it!

January 2019

WordPress has been strange today (29th), I request password resets and the e-mails take 3hours to appear (in my Junk folder!)! Never did that before!