Carved in Stone

21 DEC 2010: “Rock of Ages: Grave Concerns” was started. I named it after two things:

  • my Gramma Rabbit’s favourite church hymn “Rock of Ages,” and,
  • a research paper I started writing years earlier, that I did not believe would ever see publication

roa_agsThe first six posts were installments taken from that paper.  It would be reviewed later by Marilyn HINDMARCH and the late Peter STAVELY of the Alberta Genealogical Society and turned into the cover story (FEB 2011) for the society’s quarterly RELATIVELY SPEAKING.

It is reviewed by Gena Philibert-Ortega and honoured as the cover story (Fall 2015) for the Utah Genealogical Association‘s periodical CROSSROADS!

In between, I have collected photographs from family and friends, as well as taking a few more of my own.  roa_uga

With these pictures I have listed the many types of materials used, the changes in artistic styles and social acceptances, and the various kinds of abuse and damage inflicted over repetitive cycles in foul weather, flawed maintenance and time.

My other blog YRASD or “Your Roots Are Showing Dearie!” is for genealogy, but some photographs are of gravestones, which have been (and might continue to be) used here as well; so, do not panic if you end up over there once in a while. 

DEC2017-JAN2018: I have not written. It is difficult to do so, as my inspiration after losing Emily (“Gramma Rabbit”) in JUN 1975, became my mother (“Mama Rabbit); and, in the wee small hours of 16 DEC 2016, she passed in her sleep.

I want to write. I just do not know what to share, and how to present it, in an interesting or thought-provoking way.

My apologies.