About: Your Roots Are Showing Dearie

I can ramble about almost any topic under the Sun (or the Moon), except I cannot hold two words together when confronted with one of two things:

  • “Tell me something about yourself.” Usually heard close to the end of a job interview; or,
  • Use of the word “essay.” (I still choke.).

(My) “Gramma Rabbit” was Emily, who was my paternal grandmother.  A lot of the genealogy stories contained here are about her, raising a family of seven young men (between 2 years and 11 years) and a 9 month-old baby girl (my “Aunt E”), after losing her husband in December 1939, just days before Christmas.

Gramma Emily introduced me to heraldic art, family history (the bits she had between Testaments in her French Bible) and graveyard maintenance. So, if I have been the slightest bit helpful in anyway, it is because of her.