a2zchallenge: Can Oral Stories Be True?

06APRIL2021: Due to unforeseen problems, this a2z Challenge will be postponed to 2022

Lies? Rumours? Or Mistaken Identities?

“History became legend, legend became myth.” – LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (2001)

My blogging project for the 2021 #A2ZChallenge will focus on the validity of oral stories in genealogy.

A2Z Challenge 2021: Theme Reveal

Upper Canada Timeline

Oral Histories Timeline

The oral stories being discussed are from the years pre 1791-1840 of Upper Canada and Canada West. The graphic [above] shows the timeframes when these names were used and when Ontario received its finalized name. 

How will it end on the last day? I do not know, but I hope positively. I am only worried that I will not finish.


The discussion breakdowns will release Monday through Saturday, starting April 3rd, due to unforeseen problems.

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A2Z Challenge 2021: A

Transcripts of the oral stories, that I will be addressing, will be available upon the conclusion of the series.

These oral stories have been handed down for almost two hundred years without question about three pioneering families in the surrounding areas of “Muddy Old York” and their struggles to tame the land and raise their families.
And, with every retelling, one question still remains unanswered: Were they related to each other?

If you have resided in Ontario, or have done research in the province, you have probably been exposed to oral stories about pioneering families and the many hardships they encountered. Some stories are well documented, while others are not. These are called oral stories or oral histories.

Something About Mary (2008) and Big Sister (2013) are two well-received arguments I have previously written. Each focused on one female ancestor and the influences of family members that were closely involved with her.
Is it possible to find any truth buried in exaggerated retellings of oral stories that are almost two hundred years old? Are they goldmines for genealogists, or just repetitive old rumours and juicy gossip handed down from generation to generation?



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