A Bit of Work, A Hospital Stay and A New DNA Cousin

This month has been a whirlwind of commotion: I found gainful employment (four days before MiLady’s re-scheduled surgery!); and the day before I landed that job … a new DNA Cousin wrote to me!

From the little tree she supplied, I found her great-grands, grands, parents and (I think) her.

[For those who remember: the foundation of my research is based on hand-me-down notes compiled in 1927 by reunion-appointed genealogist Allan SMITH (1899-1972), revised in 1967 by an appointed secretary, Mildred (REID) ATKINSON (1940-2016), and then the privately published in 1968 without citations.].

She was very apologetic that she did not have much to share, but what she did have was far more than enough: the name of her grandfather was so unique, and I knew exactly who he was!

Wellington MAW was born in Bolton, Peel, Ontario in 1877 to Joseph and Ann (BEATON) MAW, but when he married Ethel May ATKINSON in 1909, he married into a very large and prolific family.

His bride, Ethel was born in 1888 to Solomon George and Isabella Catherine (SHEARDOWN) ATKINSON of Vaughan Township, York County, Ontario.

The connection to me is with Ethel’s father, Solomon, the 13th child of Thomas and Bethia (KIDD) ATKINSON; he was the youngest brother of my 2x great grandfather, Thomas II, the 3rd child of Thomas and Bethia.


I sent a copy of the above chart (which I should update now) to my new cousin, who is located in British Columbia! And I sent the chart, below, listing of census records for Solomon and all of his siblings, except for two sisters that died in infancy:

My new cousin was impressed; unfortunately, I haven’t heard from her since. Perhaps I gave her too large a serving of genealogy?



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  1. I hope MiLady’s doing well, and congrats on the job! The same thing happens to me all the time–I send everything I know, and I don’t hear back. Hopefully you’ll hear from her soon. Have a great weekend!

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