The Bitter-Sweet Luncheon, Pt II #AGSCon17 #OGSConf2017

We all have wished (at least once) for such an opportunity to speak with our loved ones/ ancestors; but it is not a wish for the faint of heart.

Yes, it is believed that such a reunion would be joyous and heart-warming, with an unforgettable bear-hug that will take your breath away; to that uplifting, voice that you envisioned would leave you enraptured and hanging … on … every … word; but then, when your plates are cleared and your drinks are done, they must leave you … again.

 The Bitter-Sweet Luncheon, Part I  < should you need a reminder

luncheonPART II

MISTER JOHN MARMON WAS OF average height and build with a weathered face and a personality that no one ever wanted to cross; particularly his steely-eyed glare that could burn right through you! 

Both hostesses, eager with excitement to bring together another memorable moment, greeted him with charm-school smiles and perfectly-executed curtsies.

I was still blotting my eyes – (damn allergies) – when Mr. Marmon followed the young ladies to the corner, farthest from the kitchen, and shown the table occupied by John D. Reid.

Standing tall as his lunch guest came nearer, Reid smiled and offered his hand.

“Welcome, Sir!” he called out proudly.

Hesitant, the senior gentleman raised an eyebrow as he slowly but firmly shook the hand of his exuberant junior, who then offered him a seat.

A few moments slipped by while our luncheon guests began discussing the menu choices offered, as the patio continued to fill with its mid-day regulars.

Lost amidst the crowd, he clutched a faded bowler hat to his chest, as he cautiously entered the patio like a soldier navigating a minefield. 

Evidently overwhelmed and out of place, he looked about in wide-eyed wonder with his mouth agape, as his nervousness played out with his fingers digging into the soft sides of his wide, hat brim, curling it like a fruit peel.

“May I help you, Sir?” the dark-haired hostess softly asked, so not to startle the visitor. “Are you here to meet someone?”

Johanna’s smile and offer of assistance calmed him enough to take a deep sigh of relief before blurting through the most horrid ordeal of how lost he was!

Listening to this handsome young man, she brought a hand to her face to hide a gasp. She had never met a person who spoke so fast before, but her biggest shock was that she had caught and understood his every word … and not all of it was English!

Uncertain, she thought he had said that his name was Daniel; and nervously, she attempted to answer him.

“I … have not heard anyone spoke? No, speak from our Home Country since I am … Sorry, was a little girl! Welcome, Sir, and please forgive me, I have forgotten so much!”

Her struggle for words was like music! Daniel smiled wide, reached for her hand, then kissed the back of it twice while repeating “thank you!”

A little embarrassed from the attention, Johanna quietly asked him if he knew the name of whom he was supposed to dine with, as the other hostess looked over their reservations list with a big smile.

Daniel shook his head, sadly and resumed his nervous digging into his hat brim.

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