A Gift of Mother’s Love

© originally written 2001 (private) – unpublished

The six children of Victoria, five daughters and a son;
Were kept close to her heart that favoured no certain one —
Over any of the others, for she equally loved them all;
Even when fights and squabbles between her children did befall.

And no matter how much each child grew, one thing beheld each mind;
The warmth of their mother’s Love they could never find —
Anywhere else (and they knew that!), but when came that day;
The children felt very lost when their mom was called away.

And yet, the six grew well and married, having children of their own;
And Time quickly sped by the group, as their children too had grown —
Journeying off in marriage, while others moved far away;
As photographs of Tomorrow replaced the smiles of Yesterday.

Grandchildren then came in abundance, to some in graying years,
And they witnessed a new generation of Hopes and Dreams and Fears,
Recollecting too their children’s and reflecting upon their own;
Then each slowly began to wonder: where all the time had flown —

Back at home with their mother, curled up in her lap;
On a frosty Winter’s morning, yet warm and content to nap,
In the tight embrace of Victoria, where befell no harm;
And many little secrets were told nestled in her arm.

2ft_Brown_Choco-800x800But then, one Christmas morning, six gifts bridged all the years;
Five little brown-bow’d teddy bears with rounded, furry ears,
And each held to a message, that someone neatly wrote:
“Here is a bear, made just for you, from Mom’s warm winter coat!

“Here is a bear for you, daughter, to hold onto so tight;
“Reminiscent of Mother on so many a day and night,
“Reassuring your every hurt and consoling your every fear;
so, hold on tight to Teddy, and know that Mom is near.”

But, the remaining gift was not a bear for Victoria’s only boy;
It was a bit more rugged and not some children’s toy —
But a hat like Davy Crockett worn on the dusty trail;
And just like Daniel Boone’s with a ring-striped raccoon tail!

“Here be a gift of Adventure, for the eldest and only son;
“To remember your adventures and active imagination —
“And all of the inventions you built so easily,
While she looked on, ’round the corner, oh so reverently.


  1. What a talented family poet! I love that the son got a Davy Crockett hat and all had a special gift made from mom’s coat.

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