A Wee Name Change AND A Merge

SLR_businesscard imageYes, I know the Twitter poll was greatly against a name change, but I didn’t really change it much – I cheated

Rock of Ages: Grave Concerns” (the blog) is still here! It merely shares space with my genealogy blog “Your Roots Are Showing, Dearie!” … yes, and the misdemeanors of Nostalgia, the unwanted genealogist’s assistant.

As for the name change: based upon a blog post of the same name, I thought it would work better to embrace them all. (MiLady had other ideas … “Rabbit’s Stew!” – Don’t ask, but please note: she is still heavily medicated for everybunny’s protection!).

My time to do personal research, write / blog, tweet, post, pin (did I leave anything out) and participate in our genealogy chats is dwindling as the nicer weather approaches.

Finding full-time employment is still first priority, as I am not in any demand as a researcher.



  1. I was ambivalent about the Twitter poll but, I have to say, I really like the new title. Very catchy! And maybe even more en pointe. I think it will serve you nicely, Sir Rabbit! Well done! xoxoxoxo

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