They Call Her “Aunty G” #AGSCon17

It was a quiet and lazy Sunday morning — that in itself should have set off alarms — for never is there a day, down the rabbit hole, that is both quiet and lazy!


And the adventure begins …

“Dad?” our middle son, Captain, repeated, leaning in as he poked his head into the room from the hallway. “Promise you won’t get mad?”

I looked up from my reading. “Why do I need to promise that, Son?”

Slowly, he stepped through the hallway like the condemned man awaiting sentencing. “Aunty G asked for my help with her costume.”‬

‪”Costume? I’m shocked!” I looked at MiLady who seemed just as surprised and eager to hear more. “Normally Nostalgia is so last minute with these things. You must have been a great influence on her, Son.”

Captain fidgeted.

“Yeah, about that,” he began. “She saw my stormtrooper armour in the closet and …” 

“OH, NO!”


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