The National Archives Tour is Booked #OGSConf2017

While looking over the OGS Conference guide, Nostalgia groused. “Oh, no! The National Archives tour is full!”

“They must remember you,” I smirked.

“From 30 years ago?!?” the Olde Banshee fumed. “I bloody hope not!” 

“Gia,” I continued calmly, “You had a golden opportunity fall at your feet; one that every genealogist in the World can only dream of: you were locked in the National Archives overnight!”

“Must you remind me, Rabbit?” Nostalgia squeaked as her entire body vibrated. “Dark, dank and unkept — it was absolutely frightening in there; and me without an escort! I did them a great service and cleaned up the place — until they decided to save me; and they never thanked me for it!”

I tried to change the topic. Really, I did, but I just could not pass up this chance. I had to push her a little further. 

“Mum never said the reason why she and Dad had to go get you from the RCMP … The police, Gia! Why were they involved?”

“I re-shelved everything in the reference section.” she sobbed quietly.

“Oh,” I was taken aback. “That seems an overboard reaction to a considerate gesture of a young lady putting her OCD to good use.”

“I know!” she wailed as her eyes filled with tears. “It took me most of the night to alphabetize them by authour!”

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