DNA: The New (Genealogy) Age

I’ve been doing genealogy since I was nine years old — or for 45 years, or since 1972, but, whichever way you look at it, it is a very long time to find a lot of dead relatives (and couple live ones) AND still be empty-handed searching for particular individuals.

I have a collection of nine ATKINSON family trees that do not connect to my main one; this does not include a pair of trees that loosely fit, based on the speculation and hypotheses of family researchers from 1927 and the mid-1960s!

Unfortunately, there is no paper to support their theories; nor any citations, other than brief narratives stating cemetery visits or tea talk with their oldest, living relatives.

As enlightening snapshots of living in the agricultural/economic conditions in the 1830s, either World War, or anytime between, without some from of proof, in this day and age it is, unfortunately, nothing more than mythology.

Mid June (2017), I was in Ontario for my mother’s memorial, where I visited many cousins and spent some time with special friends in Ottawa for the annual conference of the OGS (Ontario Genealogical Society.).

While there, I had an informative conversation and tablet demo with Hannah, and purchased a LivingDNA test and gave it to my maternal cousin, the next day.

I had previously told him, the year before, what my problem was and he volunteered to assist!

He completed the test (June 18th), and submitted it – sometime in September, he got the results

2018 UPDATE: I inquired, again, after the New Year. He was disappointed there was not a hard copy sent of the results. I could almost relate; I haven’t seen any of his data, yet.

The Unknown remains


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