And as Time Draws Near … #AGSCon17

banner10-resizedNostalgia was in a panic.

“We’re running out of time, Rabbit!” she screeched. “April is not far off, now!”

“What’s wrong, Gia?” I asked, fearful of the endless probabilities that could pass for the Old Banshee’s reasoning.

“I have absolutely *nothing* to wear!” 

Quickly, I turned away to regain my composure. It was extremely difficult not to burst into laughter, and still sound concerned, as she tore through her closet.

I spun back to look into her room. “Why not dress up? The theme is The Middle Ages — so, Kings and Queens, castles and lots of knights.”

When I regained consciousness, I was sprawled across the hallway floor.

“What? What happened?” I mumbled, as my favourite girl helped me back to my feet and downstairs to my comfy chair.

“You fainted,” was her answer.

“I did *what*?”

“Nostalgia,” MiLady Rabbit began to explain, “came down the staircase in a blur and scared me half to death! It took me three tries to slow her down in order to understand her: She was very adamant that you had a heart attack!”

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, as I sat down in my usual spot in the living room.

“I’m glad *you* are the nurse in the house,” I replied.

My better half smiled. “What is the last thing you remember?”

“I gave Gia the idea to dress up for Conference — to join in on the Medieval theme they have organized.”

Ye Olde Genealogy Faire

Wiping away a tear and biting her lip, my wife tried her best not to enjoy my brief blackout.

“So,” she paused, “You don’t remember her charging at you?”

Slowly, I shook my head in a silent, negative response.

“Then you certainly wouldn’t remember her picking you up in one of her back-breaking bear hugs and spinning you around the room; as she sang to you how much she absolutely *loved* the idea…”

My eyes widened in fear as my girl got comfortable in her chair before continuing.

“Just before she kissed you!”


“Ohh,” my girl blurted, as she reached for the spray bottle of water, on the Bombay table situated between our chairs, normally used to discipline the cats. “These next few weeks will be interesting!”

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