Sunday’s Obituary: Author of Two Church Books Dies in Nauvoo

52ancestorsobitTaken from THE SAINTS’ HERALD, 1961FB20

Mabel A. [SANFORD] ATKINSON, author of Joseph’s Beautiful City (1939; image shown above) and The Land Shadowing with Wings (1952), died Sunday, January 22, at the age of seventy-six, in Nauvoo, Illinois.

Her first husband, Alfred L. SANFORD, died April 29, 1935.  Her second husband, Robert H. ATKINSON, to whom she was married on December 25, 1942, survives.  She also leaves a son, Jack SANFORD of Kirtland, Ohio, and two daughters; Mildred SMITH and Florence OURTH, both of Nauvoo.

Mrs. ATKINSON was a native of Worchester, Massachusetts.  She had been a member  of the Reorganized Church since December 2, 1894.

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