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Me? A teacher?!?
Oh, you poor Dearies, *what* were you thinking?!? (And was drinking involved?)?

It would be a very odd classroom, you know; a circular bar in the middle of the floor with bar stools for ten. 

Chest-high pedestal tables with three backed chairs each are scattered about the remainder of the room. 

A small black cylinder with USB ports would be located in the center of each table — or between every two seats at the bar. When not needed, simply press down and the cylinder will hide inside.

A Flat screen is mounted on the wall in every corner and a 16screen jumbo where a blackboard should be.

The wall directly opposite the jumbo screen, would be a self-serve 32-capacity wine cooler — reds at the bottom. (Just remember to tell the teacher when it’s half-full, Thomas MacEntee.).

Coffee and tea would be available for those “It’s time to wake up, but I can’t” mornings, like Mondays — because Mondays need to be motivational, as no one wants to go to school after a wonderful weekend of genealogy research!

Every Tuesday discussions would be about technology and how it can improve our genealogy research and/or recording and storage. So, it would be “Teach the Teacher Tuesdays,” because I am *not* technologically advanced.

The remainder of the week would be for research assignments, homework and brainstorming answers to prep for our weekly discussions every Friday. (With the amassed experiences, genealogical and in real life, the discussions should prove to be very interesting.).

In Our First Week: How to Remedy Research Discrepancies  How do you rectify conflicting information? 2 sources claim the Deceased was buried at Heavenly Acres Cemetery in Pleasantville (this location is imaginary for said example), but in your (recorded) telephone conversation with the Pleasantville Town Clerk, you were told there is *no* record of the Deceased’s burial! Can this discrepancy *be* rectified? 

In Our Second Week: Finding Passenger Ship Records (Liverpool to NYC)  A family leaves Liverpool in February 1833, arriving in New York City in April. They have a letter from the British Counsel excusing them from the Customs House. They then take a coach to York, Upper Canada (Toronto, Ontario) arriving in May 1833. Would there be papers in Liverpool documenting their departure, as nothing has been found in NYC?

In Our Third Week: Photographing Cemeteries What other pictures should you be taking when you are in a cemetery (besides gravestones) that is housing relatives that you are looking for?

In Our Fourth Week: How to Properly Fix Incorrect Citations (BONUS MARKS)  How do you simplify poor citations? Sorry, I made them up as I went with Nostalgia’s help — I was 9 years old at the time and Gia was … older. Much older!

Well now, we have a three day weekend! Stay safe everyone and see you back to class on Monday (not)

I’m not cut out to be a teacher; I’m off to my moonlighting job — bartending!


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