The Under-Rated Potato #NaPoWriMo (6)

AND THE ASSIGNMENT IS: write a poem about food. 


Some like potatoes au gratin, others like’em scalloped with ham;
A few try’em roasted, barbequed, toasted, or drizzled in sauce from a clam.
Some like a cheesy-garlic mash, or Hasselback Supreme;
But nothin’s as dreamy like taters, baked with chives ‘n’ sour cream!

Pair’em up with a pot roast, and serve’em on the side;
Make’em par-boiled, or maybe char-broiled, or mash another inside!
There’s so many ways to cook taters, you can experiment all you please;
But my favourite still is Poutine: made of fries in gravy and cheese;


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