Rocky Mountain Goats #NaPoWriMo (22)

AND THE ASSIGNMENT IS: a challenge from Gloria Gonsalves, to write a poem in honor of Earth Day. 


Goats in the Rocky Mountains have a great deal of common sense;
If two of them meet on a narrow ledge, no need for recompense.
Too dangerous to turn back and impossible to pass a bit;
One of the goats will lie down and the other will walk over it.
These goats know a thing (or two) ’bout Peace and working together;
What a sensible thing it is they do and a lesson for the better!
’cause many relationships are spoiled by wanting our own way;
Not swallowing Pride, admitting when wrong or ever trying to say
It’s better to lose an argument, because in the end;
It’s always a so much dark day, whenever we lose a friend.

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