My Dead (Zombie) Tree?

I have always liked a good Blame Game.

In Facebook, on Saturday (26 April 2016), I saw what I call a “Dead Tree.” It is your genealogy tree, but instead of the names of your ancestors you fill in what ailment (or accident) each person died from. I also included age at death.

Now, it seems that this fun was started in 2013, and … died off? But I think it’s worth reviving 🙂

Zombie Trees anyone?

Mine looks like this:


  1. Dad died when I was 40 years old. UPDATE (2016): Mum died in her sleep, when I was 53
  2. When Dad was 2 years old, he lost his father! 
  3. He was 38 (and I was 12), when “Gramma Rabbit” passed away.
  4. Mum was 41 (and I was 19), when her father died.
  5. She was 19, and looking after 3 younger siblings, when her mother died.

So, what does your look like?


  1. I did mine today. Here’s a link to my blog post about it. I linked back to your blog post, and I challenged others to do theirs, too. Thanks for the challenge. I needed that!

    1. Yes, I am impressed! You did very well with it.

      You were smarter than I was; you too the Blame Game further … linking back to me and my alibi about how it all started. 🙂

      I am glad that the Zombie Challenge was fun for you. I hope your friends and followers try it as well; it puts a new twist on “longevity.”

      All the Best, Dearie

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