What’s On *My* Phone?


These are two must-have programmes that work perfectly together when doing genealogy!  I owe so much to Catherine (Hi, “Alaska!”) Pendleton for bringing them to my attention. (Many thanks, Dearie! And please tell Mama Georgia I said, “Hullo!” )

Dropbox holds documents, photos and frees up space on my phone, while Evernote has all my working notes and text thoughts.

CROWDFIRE (was JustUnfollow)

PhoneI do not have much interest in the feature that gives a list of your daily followers/ unfollowers, but there are a few others that I find useful:

  • Publish (was Take Off): it can bank tweets with or without pictures, or just pictures and schedule them for posting later to Twitter and/or Instagram
  • maximum daily posting is 50 
  • Stats: are just that, you can compare how you are fairing amongst your friends, competitors (do we really have those?), etc
  • Inactive Following: in this feature, three lists are generated. One month, three months and six months of inactive followers, which you then have the options to unfollow or keep
  • Whitelist: people you don’t want to unfollow; and,
  • Blacklist: people you don’t want to follow

And the remainder of apps are a large gamut of social media and some video games



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