Cement Ledgers in Alberta

roa_agsroa_ugaIn 2011 my gravestone article “Rock of Ages” was published in RELATIVELY SPEAKING V39:N1 by the Alberta Genealogical Society, and then again in the Fall of 2015 in CROSSROADS V10:N4 by the Utah Genealogical Association.

In my paper, I referenced details behind cement (plot) ledgers, where each stone resembled a pillow that capped the entire area of each burial site.  

The photographs I used in my published work were from the province of Saskatchewan (courtesy of my cousin, Linda MILLER), but I have now located five ledgers in Alberta and the dates are still within the years listed within my 2011 article!

The first is from 1944 for an Orwell KELTERBORN, and the remaining four are from the years of 1915, 1945, 1953 and 1956 — all pertaining to the family of ATKINSON.

At this time, I am not certain if the ATKINSONs listed upon these stones fit into any of the four (2018: nine) collections of research I have on the family name or not, but the KELTERBORN stone will appear in a follow-up post.


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