I have a Photo Puzzle

BACK ROW (LEFT to RIGHT): Levi Goddard [01-006], Mary Johnston [08-xxx] & Ella McCort-Hammond [08-011]
FRONT ROW: Malvina “Vimy” Atkinson [01-005], Minnie Johnston-McCort [08-002] & Evaline “Eva” Atkinson-Goddard [01-003]
(1) Levi Goddard was the husband of (2) Eva Atkinson-Goddard. Eva and (3) Malvina were sisters. Their father was Robert, who was the eldest of 14 children to Thomas Atkinson Senior and Bethia Kidd-Atkinson.
(4) Ella McCort-Hammond was the daughter of (5) Minnie Johnston-McCort. Minnie’s mother was Martha Atkinson-Johnston, who was the 8th child of Thomas & Bethia.
Which leaves the mysterious (6) Mary Johnston?? The only Mary Johnston I have also answered to (5) Minnie!

A little background data is for my immediate cousins:
• We came from Thomas Atkinson Junior, who was the third eldest child of Thomas & Bethia.
• of their 14 children, all but two married; Jane and Bethia died in infancy
• From the remaining 12, Robert’s line died out: both his sons died as infants, one daughter married but was barren, while his other daughter did not marry – she became a career nurse!
• so 11 lines of descendants are current as of today



  1. Could she possibly be a close friend or neighbour? My grandparents had friends who appear in some of our family gathering photos at special occasions. I called them aunts & uncles!

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