OCTOBER: Information Overload #12FamilyFinds

This past week has been slightly overwhelming.
An e-mail showed up from an old genealogy contact I have not heard from in over four (4) years.

Howard lives in Australia and sent out a research argument to me and a gamut of 17 others.

Howard was replying to another e-mail from earlier in the year from his cousin, Peter. (I never met Peter, or shared correspondence with him … yet.).

I was very thankful Howard included Peter’s e-mail.  I quickly dug out my own notes and searched, finding most of the relatives that they were referring to. 

2015-06-01 07.20.56I was a little surprised about the persons and data that they were disputing, but it made perfect sense when you consider the data was collected back in 1927!

It was not cited and was based upon what was found in the local cemeteries, between the Testaments of family Bibles and the memories of many elderly relatives.

It’s been a week since Howard and Peter wrote. Errol and Christopher and … and … (Oh, bother, another one!) also wrote, making a total of six, not including attachments – and I am still *trying* to reply to the first

I *know* what you’re thinking, Dearie … and, no, I am not slow, just meticulous 🙂 

I looked through all the attachments first. I had copies of the census records and the cemetery photos, so I knew I was looking at the right family group.

Next there was a wedding picture and a family group photo that were very nice to see. Family traits in those faces (not just in names); and both pictures were also identified! (Genealogy Heaven does exist!).

The last item was 14 pages of a descendants list. I was very happy as I looked over it; I found everyone on that first page! (Although I recognized a majority of the names later in the document but could not find them in my notes.).

Then came the fun part: replying. Where do I start?!?

I re-read the letters and noticed everyone asked about the mysterious research notes from 1927.
(I found my starting point; I had a scanned copy of those notes!)

So, with that attachment and a copy of my notes, I wrote to “The Family.”

I sent it off, and am now waiting for replies; and while I’m waiting, I have — eight! (8) — more e-mails to reply to.


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