Yes, Wendy, I Have More Information #12FamilyFinds

12FamilyFindsNot too long ago, Wendy commented about my #52Ancestors posting from Week 11 (16MAR2014) regarding my 2x Great Grandparents from my father’s maternal side.

No, the information is not new, but the contact from Wendy is.

In the “quickchart” below, the circled numbers refer to the identity markers given to individuals from the now, non-existent, website that housed the well-detailed document that my quickchart is based on. (And yes, I have a hard copy of the document; it is 43 pages long, contains 193 persons and lists references to baptisms from St. Anne’s 1835-1910.).

If you start at the bottom, my “Gramma Rabbit” has a red circle without a number in it.

In the online document, no other information was listed because nothing else was known at the time of uploading it. Other than she was a child of Conston MOREAU and Marie “Delima” DESOLLIER(S) and married to John HALLIWELL, thus no number was given.

The back arrows that point right (or left) signify other quickcharts pertaining to those respective surnames.

To give everyone a sense of the time frames, I share the following:

(1) Pierre Laporte MOREAU was born 1616 in Cognac, Saintonge, France and died there some time before 1667.

Pierre’s son, Jean (2) was born circa 1640. Some time before 1667, Jean sailed to Quebec — which was still called Lower Canada. He married in 1667 and died 1710-11

The family didn’t appear in Ontario until 1838. William (53) who was my Gramma Rabbit’s grandfather, was born in 1838 as mentioned before in the #52Ancestors post from 2014.

So, tell me, Dearie (Wendy), where do you fit in?


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