Good Intentions Lost A Life (Again)

Before First Winter hit (OCT2015), I ran some errands and stopped in Fort Saskatchewan (Alberta).

The cemetery there is a modestly small one; I can safely call it that as I have frequented massive graveyards like the Necropolis in Toronto (Ontario) and Hillside in Medicine Hat (Alberta).

I parked the van on a side road and went in on foot. Just wandering, I intended to look for old limestone and fieldstone, when my eyes found a massive black fixture with a very familiar name.

Fort Saskatchewan Cemetery, Alberta
Fort Saskatchewan Cemetery, Alberta

More details of this stone can be found in this post from my genealogy blog, Your Roots Are Showing Dearie.

After photographing the details found upon the opposite side of this stone, my eyes wandered to the neighbouring stones to the right and found a painful sight.

A tall pylon stood with a urn sculpted upon it. Upon closer inspection, the urn was broken and did not appear to be made that way.

Fort Saskatchewan Cemetery, Alberta

I state painful because upon closer inspection the decorative flourishes are not carved into the rock but lightly etched, as shown in the featured image at the top of this blog post.

A shame to lose your loved ones, once, but over time to lose them again? 


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