They Were Left Behind


They left in 1833 from England to New York City en-route to York, Upper Canada (now Toronto, Ontario), with two bachelor sons and a pregnant daughter, her husband and six children.

I have documented the tearful voyage a few times, providing links for those that might need a refresher or any late arrivals tagging along, but this is the first time I am addressing who they left behind.
To date, the ship’s name eludes me; and it does not help me that their journey was made so simple by a letter from the British Consul, James Buchanan, excusing them from the Customs House, because it expedited their journey and has made it a massive pain (for me for over 30 years) to re-trace their journey back to the Old Country
Looking at the family list above, Ann, Alice and Elizabeth did not travel overseas with their parents and siblings.
When the family left in 1833, Ann would have been 29, Alice 28, and Elizabeth 26-years-old, respectively — further providing if of them lived that long.
There is the slight probability that the girls were married with families and that their husbands were well established in the community — but if this were so, why can’t I locate them?

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