3x Great Grand Parents: (KIDD) ATKINSON


I am descended from (3) Thomas II

I have information on most of the family’s history — land records, WWI/ CEF records, obituaries and photos of gravestones.



  1. Have you seen the Atkinson Genealogy from 1833 on?
    By Risdon Atkinson, it was put together in 1965-66.
    It is on loose leaf, was printed using a Gestetnor, and distributed in duotang folders.

    1. Yes, I acquired a copy of the research in the 1980s after my grandfather died.
      A few years later I put all that information on a computer and have been adding to it since!

      1. If I remember: Dr. CATION was a veterinarian, who married Frances (last name withheld).
        Frances is a GRTGRD child of Martha (ATKINSON) & James JOHNSTON (sp?).
        Martha was the 8th child of Bethia (KIDD) & Thomas ATKINSON.

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