Then Along Came Rosemary …

Upon Friday last (Friday March 13th, 2015), #genchat was eager to discuss using a blog for genealogy, or as the term is: genea-blogging.

Two very popular reasons to do this genea-blogging was (1) capture memories and stories of earlier ancestors; and, (2) attract other relatives, or what is called “cousin bait.”

I must admit, I have been very fortunate, coming from a prolific family of rabbits. There’s always two family historians or genealogists in each branch of the family tree!

A little more than a month ago, a new cousin found me through Ancestry. Cousin Rosemary explained her connection and asked what mine was.

I quickly sent a reply after referring to my notes. Afterwards, I reviewed them a little more and found that Rosemary’s cousin, Jane has been exchanging details with me since 2008!


The girls live in the United States, while I am still in Canada — out West, having moved from the East in 2001. 

In February 1905, Mary ATKINSON wed William FULKERSON in Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada; but by December of that same year, they became parents in New York State with their first-born Ida Mae (Rosemary & Jane’s grandmother!).

Now, my mother still resides in Hamilton and I visited her just this last December (2014). 

While there I photographed some ancestors’ gravestones as they have resided in the Hamilton-Toronto area since the mid 1830s.

Generation One (immigrant ancestors) in St Philip’s Cemetery (Bolton, Ontario)

They came from England in 1833 with 2 sons, a pregnant daughter with her spouse and their six little ones. Three of the little ones died during the voyage, and as shown above, son Robert died shortly after arriving in York, Upper Canada (now known as Toronto, Ontario).

Generation Two (reverse of Generation One stone) St Philip’s Cemetery (Bolton, Ontario)


Thomas ATKINSON & Sarah Ann CAWARD:  Generation Three: Hamilton Cemetery (Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario)

Must go, will keep you posted with what we find, until then …





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