Finally: the Grave of a DAR Patriot

revwarFREEDOMSLIGHTI’ve written a few times about Daniel, Junior’s 5-times great-grandfather

skinner table

An American Revolutionary Patriot Lies Here, 26 JAN 2013, and

Sunday’s Obituary: 1846 – Daniel SKINNER, GAR (DAR Patriot), 23 DEC 2012

Through the power of the Internet, a photo came to light Daniel’s gravestone.

And, of course, Time has not been kind:


Eldred Cemetery, Lumberland, Sullivan Co, NY

Leprechaunrabbit’s notes:

(1) Across the curved top: Chips in the edge from the probably of being struck (vandalism?) or dropped in transport / delivery.

(2) Left of center: Lichen marks denote moisture variances and the stone’s porous surface.

(3) Left side: Delamination, or water damage; difficult to ascertain from one photograph.

(4) Front face: Wind-shear has made the script at the stone base near impossible to read.

As the Spring weather is returning (2015), perhaps a graveyard rabbit (or genchat genie) might be in the area to snap a few new pictures, a little closer to the stone (for a better assessment)?


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