A Visit to FHL in SLC is a MUST! #FGS2015

The December subjects for FGS2015 Ambassadors involved previous visits, or the plans for a potential visit. (Of course, I chose the latter having never been out that way.).

If (perhaps that should be re-worded to when) I am to attend, a visit to the Family History Library would be a given.  This is based upon my hypothesis that the Library would possess the answers to questions that have lingered and nagged our family for almost 90 years. (If they do not hold the answers, then I have no idea who else would.)

The name of the sailing vessel that brought my earliest ATKINSON ancestors is still not known and it has been an 88 plus year-old brick-wall.

If — Heaven forbid — the answer(s) are not there, I would guess the next route would be DNA testing, but I cannot submit to it as I was not born an ATKINSON — Mama Rabbit was! (I’m not too worried, I have plenty of male cousins I can annoy),

What little I do know:

  • they arrived in New York City, 1833
  • they bypassed the U.S. Customs House with a letter from James Buchanan, British Counsel
  • they continued to York, Upper Canada (later Toronto, Ontario)
  • six (6) weeks after arrival, son Robert died (1811-1833)

When arrangements to visit can be made, I will need an experienced guide — not Nostalgia! I would like to use my money for copying fees rather than bail.

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