Tommy’s Letter #WWI

Dedicated to all our “Tommys”

Half the World away young Tommy was
When he put a pencil to paper
He needed to tell his girl his thoughts
He couldn’t do it later.

He wrote about the walks they took
Those rainy nights in Spring
And that day in June ‘neath a pearly moon
When he knelt and offered a ring!

He admitted that he missed her
And looked forward to the days
When he could be beside her, again
And into her eyes he’d gaze.

“‘Til then hear my voice in the Autumn
“‘Midst the leaves of reds and rust
“Hear that shrill whistle in the blustery wind?
“You know, it’s me! (You must!)

“And Winter’s cold yet firm embrace
“Will reaffirm how much I miss
“The times I’ve held you in my arms
“For just one good night’s kiss…

“Then at your door, I’d beg ‘One more?’
“And smiling, you willingly gave
“That, and then another pair
“Hoping that would save —

“You from the embarrassment
“That I wouldn’t make a scene
“But like a puppy, I whined for more
“And the neighbours thought you were mean.

“Then inside you went, and I turned to go
“But not without seeing another
“So, I smiled at your spy in the window:
“Did I really shock your mother?”

tommyThat night, Tommy finished his letter
And by morn, it was away;
But, a mortar shell, at mid-day fell
And took his life that day.

In eight days, news reached his family
How bravely Tommy had fought;
And another ten days later
The letter, his sweetheart had got!

Shaking, she carefully opened it
And his loving words she read,
His voice she still heard, whispers of words
Of the last thing he had said:

“I love thee well. I love thee more.
“Your smile I always see.
“Your last kiss, it lingers still
“And Forever it is sweet.”


NOTE: “Tommy” was slang for a British soldier during WWI, but eventually represented all WWI Allied soldiers.



(c) Sir Leprechaunrabbit 2014 All Rights Reserved

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