Craving Sweets? #FGS2015

You no doubt are familiar with the saying, “Like a kid in a sweets shop?”

The 2015 FGS Conference in Salt Lake City (11-14 FEB) and is a proverbial sweets shop (candy store) to every genealogist, professional or not.

There are aspects and nuances at local or regional gatherings but not to the magnitude of this.

Nothing can prepare you for your first FGS Conference.  It will be overwhelming, and you will love every minute of it!

Then when it is over, you will cry and crave more!

And the only difference between the first-timers and the returnees — yes, there’s only one difference:

  • the returnees rant, and (sometimes) hold their breath!

So, whether you attend to hear particular speakers like Thomas MacEntee, Lisa Louise Cooke, Dick Eastman or Joshua Taylor, or you want to sit in on all the sessions regarding DNA research, the 1812 Pension records or the public holdings of 2015FGSthe DAR, there is always something more to see and do.

And never enough time to do it all.

Add to all this, the simultaneous running of RootsTech, and you have genealogical skill and the latest technology, all in one place, with the best research facility a very tempting few minutes away!

Hence the candy store.

So, how bad is your sweet tooth?

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