My Texas Wish List #FGS2014

I really wish I was able to go
And discover Texas, this year;
But work and family needs (Alas!),
Consume all my time, I fear.

But if I could go — and you want to know
There are things that I would attest
To do, so take heed, if you really don’t need
To be involved in my (pending) arrest!

[1] A riverwalk talk with a PirateWoman
(ThePirateQueen, if she is free);
[2] A photo with Thomas* and Joshua* (*MacEntee & Taylor)
(if they’re not too afraid of me)!

[3] A late venture to the Alamo
To take in its sun-bleached splendor;
And hear the walls as they each tell
Those who did not surrender.

[4] A little chat with Lady “Dear”
(DearMyrtle, for her to recall);
When she started her genealogy,
What was her first brickwall?

[5] Wander about until I am lost
(which is, very often, a habit);
Just to be greeted with the friendly question:
“What are you doing, Rabbit?”

[6] Expand my reference collection of books
On genealogy;
[7] And, hopefully, get them autographed
(If I can bribe the authours that be!).

[8] Then, get involved in “lightning convos”
As we wait for speakers to start;
[9] Then reconvene and wrap it up
Before we all depart.


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