The Wall of Smiling Young Men

Today, (Friday May 23rd, 2014), Chef’s high school graduation photos finally arrived!

After MiLady finished looking over “the Time-Stop Momento,” I changed Chef’s picture from last year and put up this new one. >>>

“There!” I announced to the room, as I stepped off the ladder. “All of our precious little rabbits, from oldest to youngest, at their finest (graduation) and in a straight line!”

Nostalgia was the first to comment.

“You must be so proud, Dearie,” she beamed at MiLady.

“I am,” my girl smiled.

“Hey, what about me?” I whimpered, tugging the Old Banshee’s sleeve.

“The second picture’s too low,” Ye Olde Battle-Axe retorted.

MiLady giggled, “Don’t listen to her, Dear’st, it isn’t. Everything is perfect the way it is.”

I smiled and thanked my girl, as I glared past my nemesis on my way to put away the ladder.

In retaliation, Gia spun around and sat next to MiLady — occupying the very place I was to take, before I re-entered the room.

MiLady pointed out to her, “See, Captain has that mischievous twinkle in his eye!”

Nostalgia nodded in agreement, “And Chef does have Rabbit’s smile but Junior’s got that smirk!”

“Who has a smirk?” I asked grinning with my trademark half-smile.

“No, not you, Dear’st,” my soulmate answered. “Junior has it, look!”

I looked to the wall of smiling young men — all of them clean-shaven and clean-cut, wearing collared shirts and ties, then shook my head.

“No, sorry,” I replied with the most serious face I could compose. “I don’t know who these young gents are. Are you sure they are ours?”

Nostalgia’s jaw dropped, as MiLady chucked a loveseat pillow at me! (She missed.).

“Here, Dearie,” Gia said, eagerly passing her the other, “Try again, he moved!”

“STAND STILL, RABBIT!” Nostalgia bellowed, “MiLady is tossing you a Love Tap!”

[Love tap?!? Really? The pillows are the size of Hobbits!]

“Yes!” I finally confessed as the second cotton cannonball careened off the side of my head. “Yes, he does! Chef has my smile, my appetite … and the Rabbit family ears!”

Then I pointed at Nostalgia, “And not another word out of you, you old banshee! You instigated this!”

Nostalgia glared at me before feigning innocence and pardoning herself.  Her excuse: she needed to review her packing lists for her trip to Texas!

Yes, plural, LISTS! As in more than one. How many more, no one knows at this time, it’s far too soon; but if her trip to Salt Lake City was any indication, Gia will need a DC-10 for her cosmetics alone.


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