52Ancestors (1): Where Should I Start?

It’s been a while since I played along on a genealogy challenge.

Last time that I did, it was February 2013.

Those that dare to remember tagging along with me then (I can single out 223 of you) remember the amusing and dailies in 2013: stories about Fearless Females … and how the Pirate Women (their Queen and “The Bar”) came about!  (It just happened, really. I didn’t make anything up!).

[“The Bar” later became “Treeverne Upon the Gene.” Yes, the same one that houses #genchat.].



But, this time around the game (might) play a little differently:

  • one story per week
  • every week for a year

But I want (need?) to raise the bar a little higher.

“What are you thinking, Rabbit?”

I do not want to re-post material that I have already used; but I might recall previous posts for cross-referencing.  If this is going to be “challenging,” I need to do this.

For those of you, not familiar with me (having tagged along only recently), I am a “Leprechaun Rabbit.”  Those two words mean nothing to you now, but they will </;)

See you a bit later. I need to find some pictures.


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