It’s been almost 3 Years since …

I started this blog! It doesn’t seen that long though 0.0

I will admit, I have not been posting near as often as I should be. Moving, family, health issues and a change in employment have been taking up too much of my time, unfortunately.

I need to dig my photos out of storage (in the basement) and get this running again, but it is going to take a while; so, I would like to share a favourite post (one a month) for the remainder of the year and start fresh in 2014.

My very first post was a poem I wrote, “Amidst Nature’s Splendor.”  It was published in the Alberta Genealogical Society‘s quarterly journal, RELATIVELY SPEAKING (V38N3 AUG2010) as a part of my presidential message to the Society; and then again, online (16AUG2012) with some stunning photographs — taking by a fellow Graveyard Rabbit — of Historic Oakwood Cemetery (located in Raleigh, North Carolina) on the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal.


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