Why Genealogists Should Hate Moving …

Well, here I/we go again …

Yep, moving to another location that is closer to Edmonton, Alberta — this time it’s actually IN Edmonton!

I just hate moving, in general.

My research is easy enough to pack up and label.  It will just sit in boxes for four to six months while the rest of the house is unpacked first.  

It’s the priorities, you know:

  • kitchen essentials, and
  • all the bedrooms (includes two kids and their personal treasures), then
  • re-establishing MiLady’s home office, next
  • transplanting and re-building MiLady’s gardens — you notice her garden is plural this time! The backyard needs a lot of work but the landlord is willing to supply the seed, the sod and the patio stones.
  • an unfinished basement, and
  • my genealogy and gravestone work (including my computer), unfortunately, falls to last place and will occupy a basement corner, once the basement is strapped/framed, wired, insulated, and panelled

But, that doesn’t sound so bad, does it … to be closer to Civilization?

My true headache will be when I resume my research with the new home address and phone number — hopefully, it won’t take 6weeks to memorize; then figure out my surroundings: locate the nearest (midnight) pharmacy, (late-night) bank, postal office, convenience store, etc

Oh, yeah, we move in less than three weeks … 


The Leprechaun Rabbit


  1. I agree.I hate moving. We moved just 2 years ago and still have not unpacked our wall pictures and hangings. Best of luck to you.

  2. My sympathies for all your work to come!!! I also hate moving in general, and you have many others to take care of besides yourself . . . the children, MiLady, and MiLady’s garden. I’m sure it will eventually be worth it to be closer to civilization. What a bother, though. I wish you all well.

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