Fearless Females (24): You’ve Got Her Eyes, Dearie

“Do you share any physical resemblance or personality trait with one of your female ancestors?”

Physical resemblance?  I got somebody’s brown eyes, but I forget whose — although, MiLady was mistaken for my mother’s daughter when we took Mum shopping in the West Edmonton Mall, eleven years ago! The salesclerk was shocked when my wife stated that the other woman was her future mother-in-law.

Now, personality traits are another story and a little difficult to blame on one individual, because my female relatives are claiming I take after each of them … no, I’m not talking about the dead ones.

I am almost certain I take after my mother, for my hot Irish temper.

[MiLady agrees.  First time, she’s not arguing about this … that’s strange.].

Mum inherited her temper from her grandmother, Eva Clarke WILSON who came from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Mum also got the fiery red hair too, but I wasn’t so lucky … although my youngest son, Chef was!

Mum is also taking all the credit for my romantic side — but writing poetry is a family curse that has outlived my father and his many generations before him.

There is one thing, I know, my mother refuses to take credit for — but she is to blame: my odd sense of humour, which is very … different. To describe it, would be a play on words (or word play, whichever makes sense to you) … but, that sounds like a politician’s answer, doesn’t it?

Okay, let’s try, again … uhhh … Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde come to mind, as the best example. Allow me to explain: depending on the topic of discussion, a simple statement (from me) can be old-fashioned and straight forward (Dr. Jekyll), but if taken out of context  — i.e. used in slang or mistakenly used in modern English — the statement takes a slightly sexual meaning, or turns out to be completely and dangerously risque, whether the intent was there or not (Mr. Hyde).  

Does that make more sense? I hope so.

NOTA BENE (NOTE WELL): the definition above does NOT apply at any family gatherings where alcoholic beverages are served, like a typical Irish wake, where EVERYBODY drinks … and if you’re family, you know what happens.

But, if you are not family, I shall keep these stories for another time to tell </;)

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