Fearless Females (2): A Picture Is Worth …


This picture is of my third-earliest female ancestor, a woman named Sarah Ann (CAWARD) ATKINSON, dressed in her finest; with all good reason to be: it’s her wedding day!

The original is Sepia-tone and includes her groom, Thomas ATKINSON II — and said photograph is in the possession of my mother’s cousin, June in Ontario.  

Family stories relayed that she married in 1870 — but it had to be earlier than that because their daughter, Mary was born in February 1870. They would have nine more children over a 21-year span, with the youngest, Ida being born in April 1891.

This cameo was made from a photocopy of the original, primarily to focus upon this early ancestor of mine.

Sarah came from England in the mid-1800s with her parents and settled in York, Upper Canada (AKA Toronto, Ontario).

Before she married Thomas ATKINSON II, Sarah gave birth to a daughter in 1865, and called her Annie (CAWARD). Annie’s birth registration did not list a name for her father, nor was Sarah listed as married.

I do not believe that this situation would make her a fearless female, but it would certainly make her a blacksheep.

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