Fearless Females (29): Trade Ya 3 Aunties for A Gramma!

[PLEASE NOTE: There is no post for Fearless Females (Day 28) SUBJ – Best Friends.].

Trading cards.  

Every boy had them growing up.  Any “doubles” were traded for cards that you didn’t have.

Mine were sports cards — football, baseball and hockey.  

But, by the time my sons were born (in the early and mid 1990s), the trading card business exploded into game-playing/ role-playing with Pokemon, Harry Potter, Magic: The Gathering, Dragonball Z … I know I am forgetting a few others, and my sons will make certain to tell me.

If only this idea existed in genealogy … but it could … kind of.

Make a card for the most elusive ancestor that you have.  Give what you know, of course, and list all the children along with the surname of each respective spouse.  Then when you go to conferences, seminars or wherever else you would go, you hand out the cards, or pin one up on the Wall of Ancestors, or other display that is there.

Make a few other cards for other ancestors, one from each of your grandparent’s lines.

It would certainly stand out and attract attention — just a little something different.

But, I wouldn’t suggest doing what I did with any sports cards that I didn’t like or want: clothespin them to my back bicycle fork, so they would clatter against my tire spokes when I went flying down the  lane-way!  

I know great Great-Aunt Bertha would not approve.

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