#FHWC2013 (2): Throwing Horseshoes at Dartboards

Writing family history (and researching genealogy) is a lot like throwing horseshoes at a dartboard. (Will explain that story later.).  You will never know what you will get — besides evicted for missing the board and breaking a window; or commited to a mental institution!

If you hit the target, you are rewarded.  Sometimes, your hard work leads into another treasure; but if you miss — you are empty-handed, wondering what to do and where to go next.

fhwc2013joinmeIn my case, it’s not for the lack of subject material, but where to start? With restricted timeframes or word count limitations, you want to plot your writing usage wisely:

  • Do you dig up the dirt on your blacksheep ancestor(s)? Or,
  • Give accounts for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in WWI? Or,
  • Explain the water-filled bottle sitting on the mantle? Or,
  • Share the letters that were sent home during WWII? Or,
  • Tell the story behind the old, silhouette and lace valentine card that hung framed on your mother’s living room wall? Or, the 1913 birth certificate that hung beside it? Or,
  • Dig out the old photo albums and figure out what to write about from the blackmail material contained within?

Too many choices!  I’ll just close my eyes and see where that takes me.


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