#FHWC2013 (13): Black Christmas, Part I

Grace HEMMINGWAY was my maternal grandmother. (No, not Gramma Rabbit; her name was Emily.).

Grace’s parents were Esther Ann NEEDHAM and Hamer HEMINGWAY, who were married in Astley, Astley Parish, Lancashire, England 27JUL1901.



Her father’s name was Hamer, but so was his father. 



Hamer Snr had a brother named George. George was a collier (coal miner), who worked at the Corton Wood Colliery in Barnsley, (West Riding) Yorkshire, England.  Many of the HEMINGWAY men worked in the mines.

The only thing we know about George is that he was killed December 22nd 1882 in the mines, and was buried December 25th.  He was only 33 years old.

This information comes from a transcript I wrote 15years (2013) ago, copied from a funeral card that has long since disappeared.

In Affectionate Remembrance of 


who was killed at Corton Wood Colliery, December 22nd 1882

aged 33 years

and was interred at Tankersley Church, December 25th 1882

Farewell dear wife, my life has past

May you and I unite at last;

Mourn not for me nor sorrow take

But love my  children  for my sake,

But since thou could no longer stay

To cheer us with they love;

We hope to meet with thee again

In yon bright world above.

In 1999, my UK friend Janet BROOKES, and her husband Tim, went to Tankersley parish to find George but could not locate his stone.

Sadly, I am under the impression that George never had one.


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