An American Revolutionary Patriot Lies Here

revwarFREEDOMSLIGHTSaturday, January 26, 2013: WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?!? I have offered to help my son (oldest one, Junior) with his SAR worksheets.  Yes, worksheets, he has five patriots in his bloodline!

His first Patriot ancestor is Daniel SKINNER, born 22 SEP 1789 in New Jersey. Private Skinner served with PA (Pennsylvania), NY (New York) and NJ (New Jersey). He was pensioned, and died in 1846. His wife, the former Mary SMITH survived him.

Daniel and Mary are both buried in Eldred Cemetery, located near Lumberland, Sullivan County, New York

Junior asked if I have a gene-buddy near the cemetery, who could locate Daniel’s gravestone and snap a picture.  I told him that I would post and see what happens; but looking at some long-shot photos, I’m not sure anyone can find anything in there!


I wrote a Sunday Obituary for Daniel, last month; so, if the picture looks familiar, it is 🙂

Oh, we have another problem: How do you get copies of previous applicants’ submissions? The DAR ladies that have applied previously are all dead

And I promised to help him with all five papers? Oh, boy.


  1. Hi! I saw that Daniel’s grave photo can be found on Find-a-Grave (😉 ; perhaps if you emailed the picture-taker, they’d allow you to use the photo. There also seemed to be some information that may give you good leads on the Find-a-Grave page.
    See you at #genchat !

    1. Hullo, Dearie! 😉
      I see Daniel’s grave was recently done this year, Bravo!
      The obituary that is displayed with the picture, I acquired some years ago.
      But I see he does not have a metal marker from the DAR tagging him as an American Patriot!

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