Rock of Ages: Grave Concerns

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… Mission, if You Choose to Accept it

This upcoming year, I need to change things up a bit:

Since I have two blogs now, ROCK OF AGES: GRAVE CONCERNS (two years) and YOUR ROOTS ARE SHOWING, DEARIE (one year), I am going to try to keep the former for posts about cemeteries and gravestones, while the latter will have genealogy-related posts — but, sometimes, gravestone photographs end up used in both.

Due to a change in employment, I cannot write for both every week, although I wish I could.  I have stayed up burning the midnight oil too many weeknights and wake up to start my job five hours later.  I am also beginning to forget what I have written and really don’t want to go repeating myself … You’ve already heard the stories.

An idea from my wife: alternate weeks between the blogs!  Writing one a week should be do-able.  I have many drafts, I just haven’t had the time to go back and finish them.  So, I am hoping this little time-management idea will work out.

WEEK ONE:  Friday Funny posts will be the first Friday of the month starting January 4th, 2013. Subject to content (genealogy and/or gravestone), it would be posted on either blog — so, I hope you are subscribed to both!

WEEK THREE: Military Monday posts are getting a little harder to write, as it is taking longer to get the information to write the respective history; but if I cannot get in time, I’ll think of something. Again, it will be posted to either blog subject to content

WEEK FOUR: I want to keep up my “Cousin Bait” series for SURNAME SATURDAYs.  I might end up swinging all over the family tree, but I will try to keep it interesting for all of you.

and during the rare, WEEK FIVE: Mystery Mondays, or what I prefer to call Migraine Mondays; and if material is not available on this subject, I will honour requests for more about my biggest migraine:  Nostalgia and her joys of discovering genealogy as well as her never-ending gift of overwhelming everyone else with her joy

So, that covers everything but WEEK TWO — this is where I will need your assistance!  (This invitation is also extended to all my friends in the genealogical societies I belong to.).

Yes, I am taking requests.  I want to focus on Tombstone Tuesdays or Wordless Wednesdays, spotlighting unique stonecraft (artistic masonry works), stones in state of distress (cracking, moss, wind shear, etc), and/or abandoned cemeteries.  This was the original outset of ROCK OF AGES: GRAVE CONCERNS.  I very much want to come back to it — there is a lot of material out there, please help me!  Some pictures I have taken in the past two years (and have received from friends and family), were also used for Military Mondays.

Photographs of Alberta gravestones and graveyards are preferred (I am the Graveyard Rabbit of Alberta), but I will not turn away any “bad luck” picture.  All I ask, is to please include the following with the photographs:

  1. the name of the cemetery;
  2. where the cemetery is located (community, county and province/state);
  3. inscriptions from the stone (if any); and,
  4. the name of the photographer

Without this information, I cannot use the pictures you send

In closing, I thank you for tagging along with me, and wish each of you the best 2013 has to offer!

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