Sunday’s Obituary: 1846 – Daniel SKINNER, GAR (DAR Patriot)


Monticello in located in Sullivan County, New York

But, his gravestone is located somewhere in here:


With his wife, Mary …


At the Eldred Cemetery, Sullivan County, New York; near Lumberland, I think?

LEPRECHAUNRABBIT NOTES:  The majority of stones in this cemetery are sandstone, slate, black-slate and perhaps some limestone and marble. Unfortunately, the stones prominent in these photographs are in various declining conditions — misalignment (sinking/tilting) two stones [located in right mid-section of photo] are propped against the back barrier that marks the family plot, both propped stones have water damage; elsewhere in photo: sandstones with lichen (moss); sandstone and black-slate delaminating (peeling), combination of water damage & wind shear (black streaks) to sandstone, limestone and slate


I was hoping that his burial location was marked by the DAR or the SAR (Daughters/Sons of the American Revolution), but I do not believe this has happened.  As you can see, the cemetery is old and looking a little poorly kept.

LEPRECHAUNRABBIT NOTES:  There are a few wooden white crosses scattered among the stones in the photo above.  Off-center to the left is a large black stone with a massive white mark defacing 75-80% of its front.  Without a closer photograph, it is very difficult to ensure what the damage is to this monument.  There is a possibility it could be the result of vandalism.


I had asked four volunteers (over a period of three years) to go looking for him, and they each came back empty-handed.  I was so hoping for a better photograph.

LEPRECHAUNRABBIT NOTES: in the foreground off-center right are three small stones (possibly sunken and/or vandalized).  The farthest right appears to be fieldstone.  Further back in the photo, two upright stones stand next to a towering tree; the left one is sandstone and delaminating in its lower left near the ground, while the right one is possibly limestone and sugaring along its right side   

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